Foot Spa: Soak + Scrub + Massage + Callus Removal For men / women

If not for feet, a football would just be a ball, foot prints would just be prints and food fights would still be food fights. Make palpable paw payoffs with today’s Groupon: for RM15, you get a foot soak, foot scrub, foot massage and callus removal (RM45 value) from Artistic Snova Beauty in Subang Jaya. Treatment includes:

Foot soak – 10 minutes
Callus removal – 15 minutes
Callus filing – 3 minutes
Foot scrub – 5 minutes
Foot massage – 5 minutes

Weary warts and their foot accessories submit themselves to beauty buffs with up to 15 years’ experience. Lower limbs dip into anti-bacterial lavender pools so unwelcomed microorganisms, stubborn calluses and camping crusts release their unyielding, parasitic grips. Calluses are then carefully confiscated so their stinky attitudes have no more influence on innocent paw pads, after which a file turns ordinary skin into smooth operators. Using unsuspecting scrub granules, dead skin cells are sent to meet their maker before moisturising and repairing lotion is smothered on with kneading strokes as finishing touches to the toe-riffic therapy.


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